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Office: S.P2.2.110

Gilles Bruylants


Professor Gilles Bruylants holds a degree in Chemical engineering from the Université libre de Bruxelles (2001) and a PhD in Applied Sciences (ULB, 2005), for research undertaken in collaboration with the University of Oxford on the complementarity of calorimetric techniques and NMR for the study of protonation effects in intermolecular interactions. Before being appointed at the ULB, he went for a post-doctoral stay at University of Oxford with Prof. C. Redfield on the study of protein dynamics by NMR relaxation measurements. He directs a research group working on the functionalization of nanomaterials for the development of molecular sensors and Smart Drug Delivery Systems.

Awards: Solvay Awards (Ph.D. Thesis), 2006; Prix annuel de l'Académie royale de Belgique, section chimie, 2011



Research interests

Nanomaterials functionalization | Molecular sensors | Calorimetry | NMR spectroscopy



Key publications

Troian-Gautier L., Valkenier H., Mattiuzzi A., Jabin I., Van den Brande N., Van Mele B., Hubert J., Reniers F., Bruylants G., Lagrost C. and Leroux Y., Chemical Communications 52, 10493-10496 (2016).

Retout M., Valkenier H., Triffaux E., Doneux T., Bartik K. and Bruylants G., ACS Sensors 1(7), 929-933 (2016).

Doyen M., Bartik K. and Bruylants G., Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 399, 1-5 (2013).

Bruylants G., Boccongelli M., Snoussi K. and Bartik K., Biochemistry 48(35), 8473-8482 (2009).

Bruylants G. and Redfield C., Biochemistry 48(19), 4031-4039 (2009).

Bruylants G., Wouters J. and Michaux C., Current Medicinal Chemistry 12(17), 2011-2020 (2005).


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Teaching activities

GB teaches the following courses:

Materials Engineering; Environmental Pollution (with Prof. M. Verbanck); Molecular Structural Characterization and Analysis (with Prof. S. Eeltink - VUB), Molecular & Biomolecular Engineering; Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Biomedical Nanotechnology (with Prof. T. Metens).

GB is currently supervising the following students / researchers:

Maurice Retout

Raphaël Dutour

Bryan Gosselin

Dr Carlos Moya

Last update: January 2020