Kristin BARTIK

Full Professor



Phone: +32 2 650 2063

Office: S.P2.2.213A

Kristin Bartik


Professor Kristin Bartik holds a degree in Chemical engineering from the Université libre de Bruxelles (1986), a Master’s degree in Food Science from Cornell University (USA, 1988) and a PhD in Applied Sciences (ULB, 1992), for research undertaken in collaboration with the University of Oxford on the use of NMR to elucidate protein structure. Before being appointed at the ULB, she worked at the Université de Nantes (France). She directs a research group working in the field of physical organic chemistry (molecular recognition).

Kristin was appointed in January 2017, Vice-Rector of the ULB in charge of University Strategy and Institutional Relations. She is currently also Executive Director of the Fondation Philippe Wiener – Maurice Anspach (



Research interests

Supramolecular chemistry | Molecular recognition | Colloidal systems | NMR spectroscopy | Chirality...



Key publications


Brunetti E., Moerkerke S., Wouters J., Bartik K. and Jabin I., Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 14, 10201-10207 (2016).

Brunetti E., Inthasot A., Keymeulen F., Reinaud O., Jabin I. and Bartik K., Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 13, 2931-2938 (2015).

Keymeulen F., De Bernardin P., Dalla Cort A. and Bartik K., J. Phys. Chem. B 117(39), 11654-11659 (2013).

Vandenbussche S., Reisse J., Bartik K. and Liévin J., Chirality 23, 367-373 (2011).

Bartik K., Luhmer M., Dutasta J.P., Collet A. & Reisse J., Journal of the American Chemical Society 120, 784-791 (1998).


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Teaching activities

KB teaches the following courses:

Molecular Physic Chemistry; Biological Chemistry; Organic Chemistry: Reactions and Mechanisms.

KB is currently supervising the following students:

Glenn Grauwels

William Denis

Simon Lambert

Romain Carpentier


Last update: April 2020