PhD Student



Phone: +32 2 650 6652

Office: S.P2.2.207

Lau Halgreen


I am a chemist from Denmark where I received my Master's degree in organic synthesis at the University of Copenhagen in 2018. In January 2019 I joined the EMNS lab as a PhD student under the supervision of Hennie Valkenier.




Research interests

The aim of my current research project is to be able to transport organic phosphates across bilayer membranes via synthetic receptors. To find the best receptor for this purpose, a variety of building blocks capable of forming the desired receptors is synthesized and dynamic combinatorial chemistry used to evaluate the ability of the receptors to transport a given substrate across lipid bilayer membranes.


My previous work has involved synthesis of receptors for carbohydrate recognition as well as working on the development of a new kind of reversible bond for use in dynamic combinatorial chemistry.