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Lionel Marcélis realized his PhD thesis as Aspirant FNRS in the laboratory of Organic Chemistry and Photochemistry of the ULB, under the supervision of Prs. Andrée Kirsch-De Mesmaeker and Cécile Moucheron. His research thesis was devoted to the study of photoreactive Ruthenium (II) complexes used in the scope of developing new efficient and photo-controlled anti-cancer drugs. Following his PhD thesis, defended in late 2013 and for which he received a 2013 Solvay Awards, he joined the group of Pr. Wen-Sheng Chung at the National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taïwan. In collaboration with Pr. Hiroshi Masuhara, he worked on supramolecular systems based on calixarenes. Then, he moved back to Brussels, joining the group of High Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Pr. Michel Luhmer, pursuing supramolecular studies on calixarenes-based host-guest systems.

In 2014, Lionel got a Cabeaux-Jacobs grant from the Belgian American Educational Foundation to cover a post-doctoral research in the US. He joined the laboratory of Pr. Jacqueline K. Barton, at the California Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. During his stay at CalTech, he was involved in the development of new Ruthenium complexes able to sense defects (such as mismatches or abasic site) in DNA.

In July 2016, Lionel came back to Belgium, joining the group of Pr. Benjamin Elias at the Université catholique de Louvain. He has been involved in research projects dealing with Iridium, Ruthenium and Rhodium-based complexes used as new biomolecular tools or photocatalysts. Later that year, he was also teaching assistant in Pharmacy at the University of Mons.

Since February 2017, Lionel is member of the EMNS laboratory as post-doctoral fellow. His research is focused on the study of supramolecular systems by high resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy.



Research interests

Photochemistry | Photophysics | Inorganic Chemistry | Supramolecular Chemistry | Host-guest systems | Ruthenium complexes | DNA | NMR



Key publications

Boynton A.N., Marcélis L. and Barton J.K., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 138(15), 5020-5023 (2016).

Lavendomme R., Marcélis L., Wouters J., Luhmer M. and Jabin I., Chemical Communications 52, 14109-14112 (2016).

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Marcélis L., Ghesquière J., Garnir K., Kirsch-De Mesmaeker A. and C. Moucheron, Coord. Chem. Rev. 256(15-16), 1569-1582 (2012).



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