Post-Doc Fellow






I am a physicist and I received my PhD in Physics in 2015 at the University of Milan (Complex Fluids and Molecular Biophysics Lab) where I also did one-year post-doc. I started to work in the EMNS Lab in January 2017 as post-doc researcher, with a fellowship sponsored by the Fondation Wiener-Anspach, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.



Research interests

I'm involved in a project which aim is to achieve superselective targeting in biological systems, as liposomes and bacteria, using multivalet interactions mediated by DNA.

My previous work focused on the development of new plastic materials invisible in water to detect polluting agents into river water.



Key publications

G. Zanchetta, R. Lanfranco, F. Giavazzi, T. Bellini and M. Buscaglia, Nanophotonics, 20160158, ISSN (Online) 2192-8614, ISSN (Print) 2192-8606 (2017).

R. Lanfranco,F. Giavazzi, M. Salina, G. Tagliabue, E. Di Nicolò,T. Bellini and M. Buscaglia, Phys. Rev. Applied 5, 054012 (2016).

M. Salina, F. Giavazzi, R. Lanfranco, E. Ceccarello, L. Sola, M. Chiari, B. Chini, R. Cerbino, T. Bellini and M. Buscaglia, Biosens. Bioelectron. 74, 539-545 (2015).


Research Gate


Teaching activities

I'm supervising Master students doing a research project in the EMNS Lab.

At University of Milan, I was teaching assistant in Physics courses of the Biotechnology, Physiotherapy and Medical School.